Wonder Fair Gallery / Shoppe / Studio

Founder by the artist Eric Dobbins in the basement of an organic grocery store, Wonder Fair began as gallery and shop stocking ‘zines, prints, and other handmade art objects. In 2009 Dobbins moved Wonder Fair to the loft above the grocery store, took on three co-directors, and built out a defined retail space, a white cube gallery, and a silkscreen shop. In the ensuing two years, the four directors (each of whom are represented in the Wonder Fair crest) further established Wonder Fair as a dynamic artist’s collective as well as a legitimate regional exhibition space.

Co-owner, Graphic Designer, Rotating Curator. Lawrence Kansas, 2009-2011.


Field Trip Publishing

A grant-funded project, Field Trip Publishing was conceived as a series of production and design collaborations between co-directors Eric Dobbins and Kelly Clark, and a set of chosen artists. The resulting collaborations included a silkscreened wooden puzzle, a Klingon wedding costume kit, a 7-color lithograph, an anamorphic print with reflective viewing tube, and a set of edible gummy sculptures, and more.

Co-proprietor, Graphic Designer. Kansas City Missouri, 2011-2013.


Kansas City Plein Air Coterie

Originally intended as a plein air painting club for a small group of friends, the Kansas City Plein Air Coterie (KCPAC) quickly grew to become a popular weekly event with midnight outings every ten weeks, camping retreats, and a public session held on the lawn of the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. Ending at midnight on its 13th midnight session, or its 130th week, KCPAC’s membership eventually included an official curator, a documentarian, a Scout, and more than 200 card-carrying rookies, members, and senior members.

Co-founder, Graphic Designer, Printer. Kansas City Missouri and its environs, 2012 - 2014.